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Rookery Brewing Co

505 S 5th St, Milwaukee, WI, 53204
(323) 943-2388

About Us

Rookery Brewing Company specializes in farmhouse and sour brewing, with an emphasis on how barrel-aging and environment interact in their products. Through the use of barrel aging and the addition of adjuncts, like fruit and spices, we deliver a high-quality and diverse product that will pique the interest of all beer drinkers.

We will be located in the already-existing Mobcraft Brewery and will maintain a unique monthly release schedule that will consist of different styles of beer including farmhouse beers, fruited sours, IPA’s, and Stouts. All these beers will be of the highest quality and are extremely limited in production. Rookery Brewing Company will deliver an experience of creative libations that can satisfy Milwaukee’s most creative and inspired beer drinkers but also appeal to the novice.